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Too Much Affection….

admin / February 28, 2017

I love my child.  I don’t necessarily love that she’s a light-sleeper and a chronic cat-napper to boot.  Nor that she is hard to entertain in the car and likes to express her disdain loudly.  Nor do I love it when she poops in the bath.  But I love her.  Her personality.  Her smiles.  Her quirks.  Everything that makes her, her.

Most parents will tell you that when you have a child, your cleanliness radar adapts.  When bubba was a baby, we sterilised her bottles, her pacifiers, her utensils, everything within a 5km radius of her.  Then we decided that cleaning her things in hot, soapy water was enough.  Later, I thought, if she’s licking our hardwood floor anyway, why do we bother?!?  It’s a slippery slope.

Lately, I’ve taken to wiping her mouthful of porridge with my fingers and eating it myself (hey it’s much quicker this way and I don’t like things to go to waste).  That is until this morning.  There was a dollop of porridge on her chin. I swiped it off with my index finger with a flourish.  And put it in my mouth.  It tasted salty.  I realised it was her booger.  I’m coming close to the outer limits of my affection 😉


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