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Play: Playdays Indoor Play Centre

admin / November 21, 2016

Coming up with outings for a ten month old can be tricky.  Ten months is that wonderful age where I feel like we’re coming out of the haze of the newborn days.  Don’t get me wrong; newborn days comes with its own sweetness:  newness, delicacy, drunken-sailor milk-fed looks.  But ten months old is FUN.  Naps for Miss E is down to two, and there’s a bigger stretch of “awake” time which finally allows for some decent form of outing!  Shopping centre trips (whilst easy and fun for me) are getting to be pricey (shopping and eating out = dangerous).  I also want Miss E to be out of the house and moving!  So we decided to try Playdays, an indoor play centre for pre-schoolers.


Entrance fee is $8 for bubba’s age (free for adults), $7 if you become a member (as of November 2016).  The place is basically an indoor netball court, fitted to be a play centre.  There are a few locations, we went to the one at 350 Blackburn Rd, Doncaster East Victoria 3109.

Our experience:

There was heaps of space!  Miss E looked beside herself at the vast amount of space; she crawled excitedly everywhere.  Some of the equipment was aimed at an older age group, but there was plenty enough for her to do.  The ball pit was a hit.  As was the general soft slopey play equipment.  She also sat in one of those cars, which she manages to move around with her legs.  At her age, she needs to be closely supervised (some of the older kids can also be a bit rough).  There’s a “cafe” there where Mums can order a snack, a hot drink etc.  But think more like the Kiosk at the pool, rather than the local cafe.

We had a good time there, and will likely visit again.  $8 is probably a bit steep for a weekly visit, but every now and then it’s a good option.  I probably wouldn’t take bubs at any younger an age; 10 months is quite a good age.  Miss E got a good workout and slept soundly after!  She had heaps of fun.



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