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Hello, it’s been awhile …

admin / November 16, 2017

Hello there.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve blogged on this site.  My hosting and domain name came up for renewal the other day, and I was going to let it go.  But then I re-read the entries.  I felt nostalgic.  And I couldn’t bear to part with it.  And then I realised I missed blogging for the sake of blogging (I’ve been doing a fair bit of blogging/writing for business purposes, which isn’t quite the same) So here we are again.

It’s impossible to catch up on a year’s worth of what’s happened (and I’m not so sure anyone would really want to read that anyway).  So, I’m going to skip that part and talk about what you can expect from this blog in coming days –

  1. The Mumtrepreneur Project: all the small successes as well as spectacular flops I’ve made, whilst trying to juggle earning money and being Mum (including being full time carer for bubba).
  2. One day I will meal plan:  my ongoing disastrous attempts at trying to get cheap, healthy, my-toddler-will-eat recipes on the table (and eat much, much, much less takeout food).
  3. Free entertainment:  our family trying to save money and enjoy life more (read cheap outings).
  4. Why am I even here:  finding out my why and my purpose.  What makes me tick, and what I’m good at.

If you know me, or have been here for awhile – you’ll know that these posts will probably talk about none of the above 😉 and will come with incredible irregularity.

But what the heck, this is one blog post completed. So yay.  Hello again! (and I have 3,114 spam comments on my blog wahahahaha  need to work out a good plugin to stop that!)

PS The below is a photo of bubba and I in Italy, cause we’ve both aged a bit since you saw us last …..


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