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admin / February 6, 2015

I woke up that morning and said thank you.

Vivian + Tim WEB-83

To the sun, the teacup, the chickens, the blinds-

Anything and anyone who was listening.

Vivian + Tim WEB-155       Vivian + Tim WEB-71

For the man who pores over youtube videos to learn how to poach an egg (I like poached eggs).

The man who taught me to see myself as being beautiful.

The one who gives me confidence that our relationship is not built on eggshells (eggs again).

Vivian + Tim WEB-1       Vivian + Tim WEB-3

We would sometimes argue –

Whether we should buy a book on kindle (him) or in hardcopy (me)

Whether we should eat soup noodles (me) or a burger (him)

Oh and here’s the cracker of them all: whether we should buy 3 ply toilet paper or the environmental brand (take a guess)

Vivian + Tim WEB-130       Vivian + Tim WEB-133

But mostly we agree.

That everyday we should make time to create Art.

That the Princess Bride is a great movie.

That family is important.

Vivian + Tim WEB-314

That loving each other is a choice.  One that we make again every day.

Vivian + Tim WEB-443

Vivian + Tim WEB-527       Vivian + Tim WEB-514

Whilst not every day is picture perfect

(Because honestly, who can afford to spend two hours on hair and make-up every day?)

Vivian + Tim WEB-189       Vivian + Tim WEB-414

It is good to have a witness to our lives

Someone to share in the mundane (the beauty) of breathing in and out.

The thing we call living.

Vivian + Tim WEB-555

Vivian + Tim WEB-642


I’ve wanted to blog about our wedding many times over, but I was afraid to because it seemed like the day could not be reduced to words.  That any attempt to capture it in material form would somehow diminish its beauty.  Inspired by Sarah Kay’s poem of the same title (Grace), I finally decided to give it a go.  It’s not perfect – but it comes something close to how I feel about the day and about us.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our vendors, who became our friends.  I would highly recommend any of them to anyone who’s getting married.  Planning a wedding can be stressful business, but these people went out of their way to make it easier for us.  For that (and for the laughter shared) we are grateful.  I also want to thank family and friends who flew a long way to celebrate with us (on a Monday!) – I didn’t include any of their photos or mentions of them (for privacy reasons) but your presence is what made the day what it isl. x

Photography: Erin from Erin and Tara I On the Day Coordinator and Stylist: Macedon Events I Venue: The Little Church at Springhill I Equipment Hire: Kyneton Hire I Catering: Digging for Fire I Drinks:  Beer Gypsies (who went above and beyond their duties and gave us a lift back to where we were staying – long story!) I Favours:  We donated on behalf of our guests to Library for All (who gave us lovely bookmarks) I Accommodation:  The Flop House and Mollisons I Floral Bouquets: Branche, High Street Glen Iris I Floral Design: Kara using flowers ordered from Tesselaar I Wedding Dress: Christos Lyla Gown bought as a sample gown (online) from The White Dress (I’m selling it, so if you’re interested contact me!) I Cake: Red Courgette (they made me a beautiful gluten free cake with cream frosting and fresh flowers for decoration!) I Hair and Makeup Janice Wu I Wedding dress alterations Heather Selick I 

20 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Oh Viv, your dress and wedding day looked perfect. So pretty! Congratulations to you both. I love how you wrote about the relationship you have with your husband, as well as your wedding day. I am also planning my wedding and it is very exciting getting all the details right.

    1. Thanks so much Carly for your kind and thoughtful words. I’m super excited for you! Let me know if you have any questions or want any recommendations (I’m not an expert or anything but there were a few lessons learnt from trial and error) and in general I just like weddings! Have fun working out the details and enjoy the process! Much love, Viv x

    1. Thanks so much Deb – you are so lovely. I’ve passed on your congrats to my hubby; he thinks it’s amazing that there’s such a supportive community online 🙂 x

  2. this post and your wedding pictures are just magical, really beautiful to read.
    Congratulations to you both I hope you have as beautiful a marriage as you have wedding, and it sounds like you will!

  3. What a beautiful day you had. You looked stunning and it seems like you two are such a good match-now if he didn’t like The Princess Bride-that would have been a different matter!!! Congratulations and many happy years together x

    1. Haha you make me laugh Jenny. And you’re completely right – I think the Princess Bride thing would’ve been a deal breaker 😉 Much love, Viv

    1. Thanks Kate for your kind words. Haven’t written properly for awhile – your comment gives me encouragement and confidence to write some more. Thank you for taking the time to encourage someone else. Have a great week ahead and look forward to reading more of your blog too x.

  4. Viv, Your pics and accompanying words were so beautiful. Any man who likes The Princess Bride is a keeper. Mine does too 🙂
    I wish you so much happiness together as a couple, so many more memories with good friends sharing in your love for each other.
    Off to find some tissues…

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