Hello I’m Viv.


I’m a thirty-something year old, living in Melbourne, Australia.  Wife to Tim, Mum to a two year old.  On this blog, I journal about the biggest pain-points in my life (and how I’m trying to overcome them!)

1. The Mumtrepreneur Project:  the small successes as well as spectacular flops I make whilst trying to juggle earning money and being Mum (I’m full time carer for bubba)

2.  One day I will Meal Plan:  my ongoing disastrous attempts in trying to get cheap, healthy, my-toddler-will-eat food on the table.

3.  Free entertainment:  aka free / cheap outings.

4.  Why am I even Here:  attempts to work out my why and purpose.

If you want to work with me or have a chat, I can be contacted at brunchwithviv@gmail.com.

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